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In high turnover industries, the hiring process is always present. We believe retention starts the moment you post the job. As applicants start to pour in, it’s vital to have a screening process in place to identify those with the highest probability of sticking around for a long period of time. Kwantek’s Inegrated Applicant Tracking System (iATS) helps you identify these star candidates, letting you interview fewer people for more jobs and increasing retention along the way.
Inefficient hiring processes can be a drain on your resources. Constantly spending on paper forms, increases in overtime pay, and missed hires due to an application getting “stuck on somebody’s desk” all add up to a huge expense on your annual budget. With the Kwantek iATS, your hiring process is streamlined and your bottom line is improved.



Aetna Integrated Services Saved $164,000 in the First Year using Kwantek

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Improve Your Efficiency

Are you still using paper printouts? From the inefficiencies of sorting through stacks of applications to learning the best candidate’s application got stuck on someone’s desk, you’re likely familiar with the many headaches paper can cause.
Kwantek provides an online platform that helps you share, track, and store applicant profiles so the process moves smoothly. A digital process also reduces walk-in job seekers, so you have fewer interruptions to your busy day.

Better Your Candidate Pool

Are you still posting to job boards manually? Kwantek integrates with dozens of the most popular job boards to help you spend more time making sure your post attracts the right kinds of applicants.
Once you start getting applicants, Kwantek can automate the background check and administer a working-style assessment. This additional layer of screening helps ensure you’re interviewing only the highest quality of candidates.

Improve Your Efficiency

Improved retention means increased profitability, which is our mission for every one of our clients. High turnover rate causes a ripple effect that drains profitability in multiple ways, especially if you already have an inefficient hiring process.
Kwantek allows you to hire smarter, hire less frequently, with an easy-to-use and efficient system. The end result? You’ll have happier employees, more time, and increased profitability.

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