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Vernon Security Case Study

Implementation of a Fully Integrated Hiring System and Introduction of an Onboarding System



Vernon Security is a growing dynamic security company of 150 – 200 employees located in Paramount, CA. Offerings include services in Medical, Commercial, Residential, Manufacturing, Education, and Logistics sectors including security guards, patrol service, parking management, 24/7 dispatch, and executive protection. It was founded in 1994 and has been partnering with Southern California clients for twenty years.

The Problem

Vernon Security was having a problem with their employee turn-over rate and sought guidance for getting it below 5%. Despite putting quality time in employee training and on-boarding from their in-house HR staff, they weren’t seeing the consistent low turn-over rate expected. Time spent on hiring was becoming unbearable as well. Vernon Security turned to Kwantek’s Integrated Applicant Tracking System in October of 2013, and has since successfully launched our Onboarding program.

Our Solution

Kwantek provided an integrated solution for managing the entire prehire process.The method offers a paperless, web-based software system that facilitates candidate interaction and departmental functions from requisition to hire. The complete Kwantek system is referred to as the Integrated Applicant Tracking Solution (iATS). The integrative system dramatically decreases the time and resources needed to make efficient and effective hires and demonstrates significant impact on turnover.

The following components of the integrated system join in Kwantek’s Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) solution:

Proprietary online operating style assessment
Standardized process for all applicants

Real time results delivery
Documentation, metrics, and reporting

Applicant Quality

As a result of using the Integrated Applicant Tracking System, Vernon security seeing a higher quality candidate, and experiencing less turnover. During the using of the Applicant Tracking System, only two people left voluntarily, and there were no terminations. Those who did leave were not part of the Applicant System. During the previous months, 7 terminations had occurred.

Reduction in Time

Vernon Security uses a relatively low-cost system for posting job openings listing them on high-traffic career websites. The HR department would spend 4 hours a week going through emails and scheduling 20 minutes interviews. With iATS, a phone interview was added. With an average of 20-30 interviews a month, the time has reduced significantly.

Turnover Rate

As a result of the Applicant Tracking System, Vernon Security is experiencing a turnover rate of only 1.4%.

Increase in Hiring

Top quality candidates have resulted in more candidates who go through the iATS

Cost Savings

There has been a significant reduction in materials since all applicant information and onboarding packets are handled online. Sufficient staffing of security guards means no overtime is necessary- saving you valuable payroll dollars.

Additional Benefits

Since the process is now online, account level managers are able to review and get the best candidates for their job sites. Thus, the quality of the hire is increased due to the account manager’s in-depth knowledge of the position.

Introduction to Onboarding

Vernon Security has just introduced Kwantek’s Onboarding solution as of May 2014. This study will follow their experience using the program, and will highlight the results monthly. Initially, the company has the following expectations as a result of using the Onboarding solution:
  • Significant time savings on manual data entry, since all applicant information will come over electronically.
  • Significant cost savings on materials, especially paper, since any piece of the hiring packet can move quickly over to a desktop filing system, and be able to stay in an electronic format.
  • Ability to see how computer literate the applicants are, since all information is entered online.
  • Since employees will get a hiring packet emailed ahead of time, they will be receiving an hour more of training on their first day instead of using that time to review and save paperwork.
  • More one-on-one training time since HR staff will not have to step away for hiring
  • Better placement of employees at sites where they will thrive and have a greater likelihood for success