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Aetna Integrated Services Case Study

Implementation of a Fully Integrated Hiring System



Aetna Integrated Services is committed to offering superior cleaning, maintenance, and comprehensive safety and risk assessment services. A family owned business for more than 75 years, Aetna’s credentialed leadership team is dedicated to taking a proactive approach to customer service and to providing options that are customized to the specific needs of each customer’s facility. Aetna continues to grow and add talented individuals who are passionate about their work and the possibility of advancement. Currently, 1,300 employees service more than 500 customer locations in the janitorial and building services division. The Safety and Risk Team is OSHA trained with years of experience in state and federal regulatory compliance. The entire team at Aetna Integrated Services aspires to be proactive, responsive, creative, knowledgeable of technology, and motivational to their staff, colleagues and customers. Both the management team and hourly staff possess years of industry experience, the latest technical expertise and a broad range of skills, allowing them to provide exceptional service to our customers.

VP of Human
Resources Profile:
Beth Gifford

Beth brings more than 20 years of Operations and Human Resources executive leadership experience to her role as Vice President of Human Resources, in which she leads the HR function as the team delivers services to all associates across the enterprise. Her expertise lies in creating an HR value proposition that increases human capital capability as an enabler of strategic business goals. She holds a B.S. in Business Administration from Mount Vernon Nazarene University and an MBA from Franklin University. In addition, Beth earned her LEAN Six Sigma Black Belt from The Ohio State University, is a Certified Change Management Practitioner, and holds the Senior Professional in Human Resources designation.

Kwantek provides an integrated solution for managing the entire PreHire process including:

Time- and money-saving website integration
Operating Style Assessment to ensure responsive candidates
Secure online data archiving

The following components of the integrated system join in Kwantek’s Softwareas-a-Service (SaaS) solution:

Proprietary online operating style assessment
Standardized process for all applicants
Real time results delivery
Documentation, metrics, and reporting

Kwantek’s Results

Applicant Quality

Since Aetna Integrated Services began working with Kwantek in January 2014, the quality of applicants has increased significantly. Over 5,000 applications have been entered since the adoption of the Integrated Applicant Tracking System. Of the 5,000 applications, 20% of the applicants were hired. Of the applicants that passed the behavioral assessment, 60% are still with the company to date. In May of 2014, 9% of applicants were hired; in later months, up to 26% of applicants were hired in less than one year after implementing the service.

Cost Savings

A HR Shared Service delivery model was established delivered to Aetna Integrated Services in 2014, which enables smaller branches to provide recruiting support for larger branches as demand requires so that the HR team can spend more time providing HR business services and engaging with associates and less time in tactical recruiting activities. The HR staff has decreased by two full-time employees as a result in the change in delivery model, which significantly reduces the cost of delivery, and implementing Kwantek played a large part in the annual cost savings of $80,000

Turnover Rate

Annualized attrition for the enterprise has decreased over 30 percentage points compared to the same time period in 2013. With an industry average of 50 – 75% turnover, this drop is extremely significant.

Time Savings

In January 2014, when the Kwantek system was first installed, it took 25 days to fill a position from requisition date to first day work. As of May 2014, the amount of time has decreased to 15 days. Time gained: 10 days per hire.


To further assist in cost savings, Aetna Integrated Services has also implemented Kwantek’s OnBoarding solution, which eliminates all paperwork and redundancy from the employee OnBoarding process. OnBoarding was developed to handle W-4 and I-9, WOTC, E-Verify, Direct Deposit, and Policy and Compliance Management, and has significantly reduced time, cost, and materials.