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Why Kwantek?

Smart Hires. Simple

The key to success is creating a trusted and responsible team that clients and customers can expect from your organization. With Kwantek, you can filter through candidates-for-hire more efficiently, increasing your retention rates and improving your bottom line

Tracking Solution

The Kwantek Applicant Tracking Solution is different from other applicant tracking systems because of the seamless integration of all its components that can:
  • Manage
  • Filter
  • Search
  • Analyze
  • Post-Hire Employee Monitoring


Background screening is an important step toward putting the highest-quality team in place. Our Solution allows for you to seamlessly request:
  • Background Checks
  • Drug Testing
  • Employment & Education Verification


Employee OnBoarding quickly and accurately eliminates the paperwork and redundancy from the employee OnBoarding process. Kwantek takes care of it all:
  • W-4 & I9
  • WOTC
  • E-Verify
  • Direct Deposit
  • Policy Management

Ready To Learn More?

Kwantek seamlessly connects your company website to our web-based solution. Our platform is built for devices of any size, and our streamlined integration is key in quality, applicant conversion.
  • Kwantek's Career Portal integration is customizable to your company's brand
  • Create, edit, and post jobs directly to your website easily from any device
  • Mobile Optimized Career Portals offer maximum visibility and conversion

Meet Our Raving Fans

“We on-boarded 130 new employees in less than one week. I call that a complete success and a big cost reduction in paper, employee file folders, and labor.”
- Sherrie Darden, GMI
"Our aggregate annualized attrition is down 30 percentage points over 2013. This is a huge win that I attribute in great part to our changes in Talent Acquisition, including the Kwantek tools and their impact on quality of hire.”
- Beth Gifford, Aetna Building Maintenance
“Every week I find more of my clients turning to Kwantek to assist in their recruiting efforts. The program is user -friendly, gets results fast and their customer support is unmatched."
- Gary Kuty, Kuty and Associates

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